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Ctra B-400 pk 13,5. 08697 SALDES.     Tel 938 258 044 / 938 258 055 - Fax 938 258 061      pedra@campingpedraforca.com
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Excursies. Iopen. Rond Saldes

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Duur 30 minutes of going and the same of return.
Afstand 0,52km
Elevation very easy excursion, difference of 25 meters.
Moeilijkheidsgraad Easy
Beste tijd All year
From the Càmping Repòs of the Pedraforca we take the road B-400 (in car) towards Saldes and immediately we find to the right the crossing of Gresolet's track (road sign). Also we can go out walking from the camping, which will increase the march in little less than one hour, in this case, we must take the first way to the right earth surface and be continuing always leaving the river Saldes to the left side.
0,00 h. Track Gresolet – Km. 2,7. (Beginning Point) 970 m (altitude). We begin to travel just  in the crossing to access to Cal Ferrer (road sign) chain in the track that we have to take  it goes to  the right of the main path to Gresolet .We leave the track and go to the right crossing another creek, this one without bridge. To another side we find a path and a road sign. We follow the way to the right, to the left side of the Rio Gresolet, a bit down below this river is joined with the Saldes one. We find yellow brands and white and green brands.
0,09 h. We cross a transverse path, we follow the way, which in a beginning goes between walls of stone and later it continues crossing zones of meadows and forests. Yellow and white and green brands of painting.
0,30 h. In a zone where we find a few meadows to the left side, between the way and the river Saldes, we locate the ruins of   Sant Sebastià's church of the Sull. 945 m.
Return: along the same way in inverse sense.
Notities van belang
Short walk that  discovers us a wild and solitary place. The ruins of Sant Sebastià's former church of the Sull are a bit difficult to find . It is necessary to pay attention them not to pass them.

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Ctra B-400 pk 13,5. 08697 SALDES.     Tel 938 258 044 / 938 258 055 - Fax 938 258 061      pedra@campingpedraforca.com
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