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Excursies. Iopen. Cadí

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Duur 5:30h
Afstand 11,76km
Elevation 987
Moeilijkheidsgraad Hard
Beste tijd All year
Access starting point: from the campsite Repòs Pedraforca take the road B-400 sense Gósol, passing under the village of Saldes and take the first turning to the right of the asphalted road which goes to the viewpoint of Gresolet.
0,00 h. Mirador Gresolet, 1,567 metres, will continue the track that flanks under the impressive slopes of the North wall of Pedraforca. We spent below the diversion that leads to the refuge Lluis Estasen, and continue through the different torrents: Torrent Riambau, Verdet Torrent, Gerdera Torrent, Canal Llarga and Canal of the Roc Blanc.
1.40 h. This long flanking under the shadow of Pedraforca ends in the Collell, 1.845 m, marks of PR (yellow and white) during the course of track that become brands of GR (red and white) from the Collell
2.00 h. Along the track, we are going to arrive in a junction, so-called Coll of les Bassotes, 1.873 m. sign indicating. We left the main trail and take the upward turning on the left, we arrived at the Prat Toixones. We will again following the marks of PR (white and yellow). The road, which is an abandoned runway, runs zigzag you can find the possible shortcuts that you can take to cut part of the route. We climbed on this sunny side and with scattered forest.
3.20 h. We arrived at the Prat Llong, where just finish the abandoned track. You must follow the continuous flanking upward under the line of the Serra Pedregosa, for upload then and later transfer to the other side, when the sierra loses personality and just melting on the high plains of the upper part of the Cadí. Brands from P.R.
5.00 h. Once we are on the plateau known as the Clot Palomar, and aside from the path that directs us towards the Pas Gosolans, we go to find the top of the hull more to the East, to the own Font Tordera Puig2.526 metres.
Already along the wide back on the main divide of the enormous Sierra del Cadí, address them our steps to the Collet of Comabona.
5.50 h. More smoothly, climbed them final ramps of the spacious Comabona Pic. 2.554 metres.
Back: Must be down the same route, taking into account the amount of hours of departure of the first leg and back can overcome them 10 hours of effort...
0,00 h. Camping cadi Vacances Left by the access road in direction to the people of Gósol until the roundpoint Can Francisco. We orient them our steps towards the Centre of the village and then take the paved street (which runs through the middle to our right to ascend to the upper part of the village passing ahead of what was once the Office of tourism. Indicators posters.
0.15 h. Upper part of the Village of Gósol. We continue climbing per the network of streets to situate ourselves in the high part of the village, known as the guard. At this point, and by a flight of stairs, starts the P.R. (white and yellow marks) of the camíno of friends of Gósol which leads (indicator poster) in direction to the coll de the Verdet. Follow this path which runs by open fields, in a State of neglect with the remains of stone walls by margins.
0.35 h. Bifurcation of paths. Leave aside the PR marks and take the path on the left.
0.40 h. Coll de la Guardia. Wide field, which with hardly resembles a true coll. We must pass through the grassy fields towards North. At the other end of the field a few large stone points the way to follow. Here comes a marked horizontal path which leads northward to half-height of the wooded slope.
0.50 h. Union of paths. The way that we follow joins with one from lower altitudes. From the moment we find ourselves again with other brands of PR (yellow and white), we always continue in the same direction.
0.55 h. Coll Font Terrers. Accessible picnic passable track for vehicles area. We must continue to follow the marks of GR (white and red), indicator sign. The continuous walking down through the forest path tracing a horizontal line, without almost gaining height.
1.05 h. Martí Pla. Bifurcation of paths, continue straight down the road with markings of G.R. begins to gain height in a firm manner.
1.25 h. Portella Cap . 1,750 metres. We transfer this hill where ends the forest zone and we enter the long flanking the high part of the Vall Cerneres. The well marked trail gains altitude little by little, marks of G.R., and passes on the side of the Font de la Roca.
2.00 h. The Collell, 1.845 metres. Here we find the route described above.
Note: This option increases the hiking time in 20 minutes of ascent and in 15 minutes of descent and difference in heigth in 170 metres of ascent and descent

Notities van belang
The Comabona is a unique viewpoint on the Cerdanya, L'alt Berguedà and the nearby the Moixeró and Tossa D'alp mountain ranges. Unlike the ascent to the Pic of Costa Cabirolera, the ascent to the Comabona not involves inclined sections or tarteras, however this distances also are considerable and obliges us to stay long at high mountain area, with consistent exposure to the possible wind, the Sun and the cold in the winter.
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